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Self-Implementation:  For a PRC that is internally motivated and has a very enthusiastic team, the tools are all available for you to implement the Optimization Tool yourself, without cost.   The OT Manual is a training document in itself, but also includes several ‘Self-Training Modules.’  Available for download is an Implementation Checklist (ICL).  This takes you step-by-step through the process of implementation by Department (Executive, Patient Services, and Medical Services).  Also available for download are Powerpoint presentations for training sessions with recorded training corresponding to most of them, as well as various other training aids.  These are all free of charge.

Although these self-training resources are provided for your use, consulting with a Certified OT Coach on a fee-for-service basis is recommended. You can also customize the training process to fit your needs and budget by combining Self-Implementation with the Training Services.  For example, you could self-train using the materials provided, but contract with a Certified OT Coaching Center to coach you in a specific area or provide a series of Q&A sessions.

Below are links to the recorded training sessions and supplemental training documents. Keep in mind that the OT Manual itself is your primary training resource:


Training Documents

Recorded Training Sessions