In an effort to help pregnancy centers become more effective in reaching and serving women at risk for abortion, CompassCare has made the complete Optimization Tool documentation available to PRCs FREE of charge.

A simple verification process to grant access to download the materials will require you to register as a secure website user. Once you fill out and submit the registration fields below it will usually take 24 hours for you to receive approval and total access to CompassCare’s mass of Optimization material. Depending on demand the requests may take up to five business days to process. Once you and your organization are verified you will receive a confirmation email with a user name and password.

Note: Due to the inhospitable political condition in which many PRCs find themselves and the unfounded scrutiny to which many are unjustly subjected, we thought it wise to protect this Optimization Tool by verifying that all those who request to download the material are actual PRC representatives.

Thank you for your patience as we serve one another. May God bless our efforts as together we reverse the national abortion trend.

The Optimization Tool is copyrighted by CompassCare Pregnancy Services, and CompassCare will continue to own rights to this Tool and all corresponding documentation and materials. Use of these open-sourced materials will be contingent on agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and abiding by them. Access to the Optimization Tool is subject to approval by CompassCare, and may be denied or revoked at their discretion. These materials are for use by your organization only, and may not be sold or distributed to others in any form.

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