Download the following documents to learn more about how the Optimized Linear Service Model may provide solutions to some of your PRC’s biggest challenges, and whether the Optimization Tool Training Program might be the next step for your organization.

White Papers listed below open in PDF format.

Optimization Tool – Real Solutions to Three of the Biggest Challenges Every Pregnancy Resource Center Faces.

Optimize Software System – Getting Better Faster Because Every Life Matters

Benchmarks for Success – Moving from the traditional “Global Services Model” to a measurable “Linear Services Model”

Ultrasound – The Difference One Week Makes: The Five Week and One Day LMP Ultrasound Rationale

Doppler – The Use of Pulse Doppler During the Limited Obstatric Ultrasound Exam

STD Testing – Why the Optimization Tool advocates provide limited STD testing using a urine sample

Pregnancy Center Marketing – A Suggestive Study on Marketing in Abortion-Hubs and Non-Abortion-Hubs

Three Tensions White Paper  – An Optimization Tool Innovation for Abortion-Minded Women