Watch PRC Executive Interviews Discussing OT

Our Mission: to effectively reach abortion-minded women and serve them in a way that consistently helps them have their babies

Executives from pregnancy resource centers from around the country discuss their PRC’s success using CompassCare’s Optimization Tool.



Becky Wood, CEO ABC Women’s Clinic Dublin, GA

Becky Wood discusses the value of providing women considering abortion with a step by step service process, providing them with all the information they need in order to make a truly informed choice.

Terry Winship, CEO of True Care Women’s Resource Center

Terry Winship discusses how True Care Women’s Resource Center of Casper, WY is helping women seriously considering abortion.

Michelle Sullivan, CEO Assure Women’s Center, Omaha, NE

Michelle Sullivan discusses the radical difference in organizational effectiveness after introducing CompassCare’s linear patient service process for reaching and serving women at risk for abortion.

Mary Rutherford, CEO of Pregnancy Help Center, Lakeland, FL

Mary Rutherford talks about her organization’s increased effectiveness at reaching and serving women at risk for abortion.