Optimize – Comprehensive Software System

Optimize is a comprehensive software system that integrates scheduling, service processes, charts, database, reporting, and inventory management.

The Optimization Tool (OT) is a comprehensive Linear ServiceMPM Pic Model* designed to help Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) streamline their process in order to insure that every patient receives the same high-quality care in a documented and measurable way, and to become more effective in the way they reach and serve abortion-minded women.

CompassCare’s Linear Service Model¹ (LSM), called the Optimization Tool (OT), has helped many Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) become more effective than they ever dreamed. Centers using this LSM are among the highest performing pregnancy centers in the nation at reaching and serving women at-risk for abortion. (See Case Studies.)

CompassCare is now taking the Optimization Tool to a whole new level with their Optimize software system. Optimize integrates every aspect of your patient service process into a comprehensive software system from scheduling through follow up. At first glance, may people assume it is just a database. It is a database, but it’s so much more. Or they think it’s just electronic medical records (EMR) software. It is, but it’s so much more. Optimize integrates your entire patient process: scheduling, scripts, every aspect of the patient appointment, forms, patient chart, ultrasound images, medical director chart review, follow up, metrics reporting and analysis, etc. All of this is seamlessly managed through a web-based software system that is accessed through a tablet or other electronic device.


  • Efficiency: Work faster to increase capacity
  • Flexibility: Work smarter to tailor services to your community.
  • Continuous Improvement: Get better locally and nationally, to stay on the cutting edge.
  • Security: Demonstrate professionalism to increase patient trust.

Expected Impacts:

  • Dramatically reduce onboarding and training time for new staff and volunteers.
  • Eliminate data entry as a separate task.
  • Increase data accuracy.
  • Increase data security.
  • Speed up and streamline the process of implementing your customized Linear Service Model.
  • Simplify administration and afford insights for targeted improvement efforts by providing real-time performance data tracking with easy-to-understand dashboards and reports.
  • Reduce continuous improvement cycle time from 6-12 months to 6-12 weeks (depending on patient volume)
  • Increase convenience for off-site Medical Directors to easily and securely access patient records.
  • Save space, time and money by eliminating the use of paper charts.
  • Increase credibility with patients and the medical community.
  • Improve the mission effectiveness of pregnancy centers nationwide through a continuous improvement network with the ability to easily implement a high-performing process or step developed by any other center using the Optimize MPM.

Getting Better Faster, Because Every Life Matters

For a better understanding of this revolutionary new software tool, read the Optimize white paper and view this 15-minute Optimize Demo Video (below). For additional information, Contact CompassCare (optimize@compasscare.info).



*A Linear Service Model (LSM) is a step-by-step process used by your team to serve your patients, allowing for meaningful measurability for the purpose of improving quality of care.