The Optimization Tool is recommended for PRCs that:

  1. Currently offer medical services provided by licensed medical professionals, or are in the process of considering the addition of such services (optimizing is a very effective way to convert to medical).
  2. Have a focused Mission Statement. For example: “to erase the need for abortion in Rochester.”
  3. Demonstrate a commitment to improve and streamline services, which could include creating partnerships with other local organizations to provide material assistance for clients instead of managing those programs internally.
  4. Have Board consensus on decision to transition to a medical Linear Service Model.
  5. Are working to define measurable results. Example: “We are successful if ‘     ‘ happens.”
  6. Actively advertise to reach the target market (pregnant, at-risk women).
  7. Use up-to-date technology, such as dedicated Internet access with separate phone lines, mobile phones for core staff, etc.
  8. Have a paid executive director.