Case History – ABC Women’s Clinic
402 W. Madison St., Dublin, GA
Becky Wood, CEO

The Challenges:

Becky Wood describes the challenges ABC Women’s Clinic was facing before implementing the CompassCare Optimization Tool: “After 10 years, and 6 Directors, the ministry was seeing over 1,000 women per year, but less than half were for pregnancy tests (46%). Of these, only 30% were positive and of the positive tests, only 12% were at risk. Typically, 10-15 babies a year were being rescued from abortion. Having run her own business for almost two decades, Becky knew stability in leadership was needed and made a 5 year commitment to help refocus the ministry and rebuild community trust.

The Journey:

The ABC team investigated several avenues and took numerous steps to improve outcomes. Utilizing the expertise of Sav-A-Life International, Care Net, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates’ The Life Choice Training, and Focus on the Family’s OUP, we converted to a medical clinic including relocation and name change. Even with better training and a more thorough interview process, too many variables remained in the consultation room. The Board and Core Staff prayerfully sought the heart of God for His ministry.

The Discovery:

Upon receiving an email from Beth Chase about the OT Webinar, the Board and Core Staff felt this was the direction God would take to reach more abortion minded women and help more of these abortion minded women have their babies. What caught my attention,” Becky said, “was that it sounded like all the pieces of the puzzle we had been trying to pull together but had been unable to fit into the OT model.”

Becky had some initial concerns though. “Cost was a concern, but the board felt this was a God ordained thing for which the time and the money would be made available. “The staff was concerned about the extra time for training, but felt the investment of extra hours would pay off in lives saved.” The results have paid off in no only lives saved, but also in peace of mind, accountability, and consistency of service. One of the most important benefit to OT is that everyone feels a part of the team, doing their part, so no one feels at fault if a mother chooses to terminate her pregnancy.” 

The Solution and Results:

Becky talks about how the OT helped to resolve some of the issues she had been facing. “The 15 step patient flow process is a well thought out, medically accurate, spiritually discerned, documented, and effective way of serving women in unplanned pregnancies, taking them through the necessary steps to make a better choice than abortion. And, because each step is measurable, we can determine where the break down is if we have an issue.

Financial partners love to see the results and are excited that the average cost per baby saved has dropped from more than $5,200.00 for the first 15 years of ministry to less than $1,500.00 for the past 5 years.”

When asked what aspects of the OT and corresponding training have been the most beneficial, Becky said, “The knowledge and research of the CompassCare staff, along with their passion to erase the (perceived) need for abortion one woman at a time, are instrumental in bringing pregnancy care ministry to a higher level. Through their sacrificial giving to all OT centers, this team lives what it believes and helps others do the same.

Having nationwide input in ongoing innovation will only strengthen every organization concerned. The dialog between other OT Executives has been encouraging and enlightening for me personally.

With the open sourcing of the OT materials, the cost concern is eliminated. Any center has access to everything, including training materials, necessary to transition to a linear service platform that has corresponding metrics for accountability. However, if the easy to follow training and implementation process seems too overwhelming, a la carte training and/or coaching, is available from a network or professionals who have proven the OT process works.

Our volunteers love having responsibilities and being held accountable for them. The check lists help them feel good about serving, no matter the outcome, because they have done what they were called to do. ‘Some plant, some water, but GOD gives the increase.’” 

The following chart represents increased lives saved and increased efficiency at reaching the right women after implementing the CompassCare OT system.

Dublin OT Chart 2014


After being asked to rate the CompassCare OT on a scale of 1-10 relative to how likely she would be to recommend the OT to other PRCs, Becky exclaimed, “10!!!” She continued by saying, “OT works! It has revolutionized our center, those who serve, donors, and those who are being served. I am grateful for the privilege to share in the work of our Lord alongside such surrendered professionals.”