PRCs Using the Optimization Tool

Case History & Testimonials
Read how other PRCs have increased their success through the use of OT

Hope Life Center in Sterling, IL

“…if every pregnancy center around the nation was as effective as we are, we would see an end to abortion in our country in less than ten years…”

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AWC in Omaha, NE:

“…The OT has been like a laser-beam, allowing us to clearly pinpoint the direction we want to go (reaching the abortion minded women) and then giving us clear steps as to how to get there…”

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Options for Women Pregnancy Help Center in Lakeland, FL:

Before OT, the Executive Director, Mary Rutherford, was concerned, “Why were we not serving more abortion-minded women?” Mary came to the conclusion that the reason for this problem was the ministry model they were using.

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ABC Women’s Clinic of Dublin, GA:

Becky Wood noted, “…The staff was concerned about the extra time for training, but felt the investment of extra hours would pay off in lives saved. It has paid off in more than that… peace of mind, accountability, consistency of service, and most of all everyone feels a part of a team, so no one feels at fault if a mother chooses to terminate her pregnancy…”

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