The Optimization Tool (OT) is a comprehensive Linear Service Model* designed to help Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) streamline their process in order to become more effective in the way they reach and serve abortion-minded women. The OT was specifically designed for use in PRCs to consistently increase their success—providing a way to measure what they do and improve what they do. It has been tested since 2005 and proven effective in pregnancy centers across the nation. It has now been made available to all pregnancy centers whose desire is to become more effective in reaching and serving women at risk for abortion in a way that helps them have their babies. We want to see you be as effective as we have been.

*A Linear Service Model (LSM) is a step-by-step process used by your team to serve your patients, allowing for meaningful measurability for the purpose of improving quality of care.

The Optimization Tool:

  • provides a service process for intentionally moving a woman through a series of steps
  • is focused on providing clearly defined, measurable results 
  • provides each individual pregnancy center with access to Certified OT Coaches for support and expertise 
  • provides a means for PRCs to discuss, measure, and improve their process

The OT provides PRCs with a structured system that:

  • trains executives, directors, and nurses to provide systematic proven results
    – reaching more abortion-minded women
    – consistently helping them have their babies
  • provides a long-term strategic plan for your PRC
  • provides access to materials and software for measuring, implementing, and marketing
  • provides consistency in serving women through scripted and intentional management of client interactions
  • includes access to ongoing coaching, follow-up, and support
  • provides assessment tools for your PRC

When working with personnel, the OT helps PRCs to:

  • focus scarce organizational resources without guilt or fear
  • work in a way that keeps volunteer turnover to a minimum
  • work effectively with their Board
  • increase the number of at-risk women served
  • increase the number of women having their babies

When serving female clients, the OT teaches PRCs to:

  • help a woman—not manipulate her
  • insulate a woman from political agendas
  • care for each woman in a way that brings her empowerment
  • respect a woman and her values
  • transform a woman’s fears into confidence
The Mission: To reverse the national abortion trend by helping Pregnancy Resource Centers reach more women at risk for abortion and serve them in a way that consistently helps them have their babies.