Erase the need for abortion by delivering tools and developing community to help Pregnancy Centers reach more at-risk women and serve them more effectively.

Core Values

Core values are those defining characteristics that describe who we are as an organization, as well as what we continue to strive to be.

These core values are the qualities that make us uniquely suited to accomplish the mission:

Fighting Spirit: We are here because of principle. Helping women have their babies is right all the time, everywhere and we are committed to doing that no matter what the circumstances.

Relevance: A commitment to doing the right things to reach and serve women seriously considering abortion. Without it, we will waste time and money. And because we live in such a rapidly changing culture, we understand that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. But, we still have to find a way to accomplish our mission.

Accountability: Dedication to doing things well, every time. Without accountability, we would have a very difficult time understanding what is not working and change it or, more importantly, what is working and why so we can pass it along to others.